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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [Are these LED MR16's like landscape lights?]
A: [These MR16's have the same base and reflector of a regular MR16 but have an array of 32 LED's. These MR16's are both AC and DC.]

Q: [How can you power these MR16's?]
A: [Most Christmas animators use an old PC power supply. Here is a link to modify a PC ATX power supply for lab usage but the principal is the same for using the 12 volt DC output from these. Here is a link that shows usage of a PC PS and a DC controller board. You can also power these with a 12 volt AC landscape transformer.]

Q: [How can you dim and otherwise control these MR16's?]
A: [These MR16's will need a resister (22 ohm 2 watt) placed in series between one of the leads. This will allow you to dim them more effectively. These MR16's do not however have linear dimming like most incandescent bulbs. There is one DC control boards on the market currently. Light-O-Rama offer DC control boards that integrate with synchronization software and allow you to control the MR16's in conjunction with music to fade, dim, chase, flash and so on. These DC controllers also allow control of other devices like servos and the like.]

There is also a DIY product called a Lynx that will allow you control these with DMX control. Visit

Q: [What types of bases or holders are available for these?]
A: [There are many landscape type holders available. Some will not fit properly because the LED's stick out past the reflector. Some of the Christmas light enthusiasts make their own. Here is a sample of some of the home made holders.]

MR16 LED side view